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5 Innovative Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable

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Sustainable Restaurant

Buy Local

One of the most effective ways to reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint is to buy locally from farmers and suppliers near you. This will dramatically lower your fuel impact on the environment while supporting the community around you. In addition, your food is now considered farm-to-table fresh, adding to the overall quality of your dishes.

Replace Plastic

Another productive way to cut down on your carbon footprint is to replace any plasticware with biodegradable alternatives. Products that are biodegradable or compostable break down faster than other materials and turn into organic material that is not harmful to the environment. Start with changing out your plastic straws for paper, changing from Styrofoam takeout boxes to paper or cardboard.

Check Your Water

Restaurants consume an enormous amount of water daily, from dishwashers to sinks, running water is an essential component in this industry. One way to reduce your water usage to be more eco-friendly is to use low-flow spray valves. This will prevent water waste and ultimately save your restaurant money on the monthly water bill.

Check Your Cleaning Supplies

Restaurants must maintain a certain standard of cleanliness, so they go through an adequate amount of cleaning supplies annually. Switching out your disinfectants to greener solutions is another way to make your restaurant eco-friendlier. Disinfectants can have harmful chemicals that negatively impact the environment, while greener cleaners have the same cleaning power without the added harshness.

Go Paperless

One strategy to cut down on your paper consumption is to go digital. By having a system set in place, such as Linga QR Pay, you can increase efficiency while removing wasteful paper from your restaurant’s daily routine. Your customers can virtually scan, order and pay without the hassle or waste of receipts.

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