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Main Line:


Central Reporting

  • Generate Reports
    Real-time kitchen production, sales, deliveries and billing.
  • Track Productivity
    Keep tabs on all aspects of your operation with live data.
  • Grouped Analytics
    Consolidated data that can be accessed from anywhere.

Inventory System

  • Smart & Organized
    Stock supplies wisely, prevent wastage and stay in control.
  • Easy Management
    Keep all bases covered at every location and at all times.
  • Maintain Control
    Stock supplies wisely, prevent waste and stay in control.

Delivery Dashboard

  • Always On-Time
    Allow for easy-access data that keeps teams coordinated.
  • Accurate Deliveries
    Don’t miss a beat with tracking from start to finish.
  • Mobile Integration
    Access cloud kitchen tools from mobile devices.
Cloud Kitchen

Increase Production, Lower Overhead

Our Cloud Kitchen and Warehouse management tool makes sense and has everything your operation needs to be successful and profitable from the moment you implement.

Access live data of cloud kitchen and warehouse
Access live data of cloud kitchen and warehouse

Access Live Data for Each of Your Cloud Kitchens / Warehouses

With cloud-based solutions, your restaurant food production and warehousing data is always available. And unlike static programs, we consistently update our cloud kitchen and warehouse integration with new features.

Bullet Real-Time Analytics
Receive up to the moment insights, wherever you may be.

Bullet Full-Time Access
Easily view and manage real-time productivity statistics.
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Enterprise Central Kitchen

A Cloud Kitchen Designed to Scale Up Your Enterprise

When food operations, warehouses or cloud kitchens grow they require more control, access to data and functionalities than standard single-kitchen setups. That why LINGA Cloud Kitchen is such a key element.

Bullet Manage Large Kitchen
Access tools to coordinate large-scale food production.

Bullet Make Growing Easy
Adapt to rapid-growth with cloud-based kitchen software.
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Enterprise Central Kitchen

Transfer Request
Transfer Request

Precise Stock Control. Manage Transfers, Purchase Orders, Vendors and More

Restaurants know the importance of maintaining proper ordering and receiving controls when it comes to purchasing from vendors. Access data showing the quantity and cost for pending and completed transactions.

Bullet Easy Administration
A user-friendly system to organize purchasing records.

Bullet Improve Efficiency
Consolidate multi-restaurant operations and lower costs.
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Why Choose LINGA?

For large-scale food production and warehousing, there is no tool more powerful than LINGA Cloud Kitchen, with new tools added on a monthly basis.

  • Manage transfers, purchase orders, inventory and stock alerts from a central location.
  • Keep production moving efficiently with the latest warehouse management software.
  • Consolidate the work of multiple kitchens to increase consistency and lower costs.

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Trusted by Businesses All Around the World

LINGA has provided its completely cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses of all around the globe. Offering the most customizable and user-friendly platforms to the industry, LINGA has provided its cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses all around the world.

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