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About Us

LINGA is an innovative global technology company providing the
hospitality industry with an industry leading cloud-based restaurant operating system.


The LINGA Story

LINGA burst on the scene as the first open api platform cloud-based POS system designed to
serve the hospitality industry and now stands as the most sophisticated restaurant operating system.

Linga Point Of Sale System
LINGA POS is unveiled to the World

After many years of development, LINGA POS is launched to help a restaurant industry that was in dire need of a scalable restaurant management tool.

LINGA Pay Logo
LINGA Pay makes its Debut

With an ambitious plan to provide transparent and fair merchant services, the company added LINGA Pay. Simple processing and same-day business funding with no paperwork and your choice of payment options.

Linga inventory management
Make Room for LINGA Inventory

Demand for faster and more powerful technology amongst business owners increases. LINGA launches an inventory tool that keeps costs down by comparing the cost of inventory and calculating ingredient costs.

LINGA Online Ordering Logo
LINGA Online Ordering is Delivered

Enjoying remarkable success, an online ordering website and app is offered. This allows businesses to send online orders from a branded app or website straight to the kitchen without complications and without holding up staff.

LINGA Schedules Logo
LINGA Schedule Released Right on Time

Using feedback from customers and industry experts, the company added a staff management and scheduling tool for managers and employees to set schedule and send alerts in minutes.

LINGA Customer Display Appears

After years of perfecting the technology a Customer Display was launched and began empowering customers to enter payment information, sign for purchases, and sign up for promotions.

LINGA Kiosk Logo
Standing ovation for LINGA Kiosk

In order to reduce wait times and offer faster service and keep customers moving LINGA released a self-serve kiosk to assist during peak times.

LINGA Loyalry Program Logo
People Love LINGA Loyalty

LINGA adds a branded loyalty program that rewards customers and tracks their behaviors and purchasing patterns. The feature pulls reports, checks loyalty point balances and rewards frequent diners.

LINGA rOS System
Forces Combine to Form the LINGA rOS

Making its global debut, LINGA unveiled the rOS (restaurant Operating System) a cloud-based platform with every function, feature, and integration built-in including payments, loyalty, customer-facing technology, scheduling, online ordering, and more.

Our Culture

Making LINGA Better through Acceptance, Diversity and Education

At LINGA, we have celebrated a tradition of diversity and recognize it as our greatest strength through consistent efforts to nurture the spirit of acceptance and camaraderie amongst our team members. For decades, LINGA employees have found a genuine sense of community and connection through team building activities, leadership programs, and networking events. Today over 100 professionals from all over the world are part of the LINGA family.

Trusted by Businesses All Around the World

LINGA has provided its completely cloud-based operating system to food service businesses of all around the globe. Offering the most customizable and user-friendly platforms to the industry, LINGA has provided its cloud-based operating system to food service businesses all around the world.

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