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Linga Driver
Fastern Your Delivery Process
Fastern Your Delivery Process

Fasten Your Delivery Process

LINGA Driver’s smart navigation feature directs the drivers on the fastest route, decreases wait times, and improves customer experience. Simplify your delivery and increase your drivers’ productivity with us!

Bullet Assign Deliveries Easily
Define at least one user with a driver role, download the LINGA Driver from AppStore or PlayStore, and start assigning deliveries!

Bullet User-Friendly Interface, Better User Experience
When drivers log in to LINGA Driver, they can see the list of orders assigned to delivery and the delivery locations on the map. It’s all easy and fast with a user-friendly display!

Bullet Multi-Functional Driver Settings
Enable driver tracking, set direction displaying, send real-time notifications, and assign multiple orders to your drivers.
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Improve Customer Service & Strengthen The Experience

LINGA Driver provides the perfect space for effective communication between customers & restaurants and restaurants & drivers. Optimize your delivery operations & improve your guest experience with highly efficient online delivery services!

Bullet Update Your Customers with Real-Time Notifications
With LINGA Driver App, customers are informed of the ordering process with real-time notifications. Send SMS text messages to your customers for order departure, arrival, delay, cancellation, or completion!

Bullet Inform Your Drivers Anywhere, Anytime
Send order and delivery updates or any other status changes to your drivers with real-time SMS messages!
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Driver app order details
Driver app order details

Driver Tracking is Now Easier!

An all-in-one app that is designed for both drivers and your back office staff! LINGA Driver App makes it simple to assign and track your drivers for greater delivery efficiency.

Bullet Track The Progress Of Your Driver On The Map
With LINGA Driver, orders are always sorted from the nearest location to the furthest. Easily track your drivers directly from their smartphones, help them get the best routes in real-time, and boost productivity.

Bullet Let Your Customers Track The Process
When the driver activates the order status, your customer can track the driver on the map easily! Let your customers track their deliveries from Google Maps so that they know precisely when the drivers will knock on their door!
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A Simple Delivery Management System to Drive Your Business

No need for expensive hardware. Download LINGA Driver App easily and start assigning tasks to your drivers for a faster and better customer experience.

Bullet No Hardware, No Complexity
LINGA Driver App is the most accurate way to run your delivery business. An easy-to-use app that is only designed with restaurants in mind! No hardware, no electronic device, no complexity!

Bullet Collect Data & Measure Performance
LINGA Driver helps you to collect real-time data and improve your drivers’ performance. With the right statistics, you can have data-driven insights about your drivers’ behavior and improve your business’ efficiency.
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Why LINGA Driver?

With smart navigation, driver tracking, user-friendly interface, and real-time notification features, LINGA Driver is the best response to your needs and expectations for a better delivery process!

  • Download the LINGA Driver from the AppStore or PlayStore, and start assigning deliveries! All are fast and easy!
  • Enable driver tracking and send real-time notifications to your drivers!
  • No hardware, no complexity! Download now and start making progress!

Trusted by Businesses All Around the World

LINGA has provided its completely cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses of all around the globe. Offering the most customizable and user-friendly platforms to the industry, LINGA has provided its cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses all around the world.

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