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Main Line:


Faster Service, More Satisfied Customers

Your restaurant operating system doesn’t need to be complicated for you and your customers! With apps and integrations offering ease of use, technology, and speed, you can only focus on customer service and grow your business!

Bullet Easy to use for both customers and the staff
A simple app to streamline complex operations. When customers easily track their order status from a digital display, your service staff can only focus on serving.

Bullet Increases Business Efficiency with Timely Notifications
When your customers order with LINGA POS, they can see the number indicating their orders on the screen, and they get notified when their orders are ready. It’s all easy and fast with a simple display!

Bullet Best for eliminating long wait times
LINGA QUEUE prevents your customers from repeatedly asking if their orders are done. Increases efficiency for both your staff and customers.
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Improve Your Take-Out & Pick-Up Operations

LINGA QUEUE is an essential part of your take-out and pick-up business! A simple order ready screen for customers who are eager for faster service!

Bullet Give Your Customers More Control
With LINGA QUEUE, your customers can easily predict the waiting time without asking about their order status. LINGA QUEUE eliminates long waits, and a fast-moving line means customer retention!

Bullet Adapt Your Business to the New Reality with Restaurant Technologies
Do you know that 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week? With this simple & effective restaurant technology, you can easily enhance your business processes and improve customer service!
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LINGA QUEUE Works with The Right Kitchen Display System, LINGA KDS

LINGA QUEUE is an extension of LINGA KDS, your complete kitchen display system. Integrated to the best kitchen display system, LINGA QUEUE perfectly works to organize your service, reduce mistakes, and offer speed.

Bullet Upgrade Your Kitchen Operations with LINGA KDS and LINGA QUEUE
While LINGA KDS enables kitchen management far easier for your staff, LINGA QUEUE makes the service faster and more efficient for your customers.

Bullet Two superpowers in one system
The orders sent to the kitchen appear instantly on LINGA KDS and alert the members of your kitchen with a loud, accompanying chime. And with a display screen indicating their place in the queue, customers can easily learn if their order is in progress or ready to be served.

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Measure Your Brand Awareness

How can you improve what you don’t measure? By continuously collecting data from your customers, you can measure your brand performance and improve nearly every aspect of your restaurant business.

Bullet A Simple Order Management System to Grow Your Business
An all-in-one yet simple digital display system to improve customer service & loyalty and streamline front-of-house operations! Download the app now to grow your business!

Bullet Easy Set-Up
To start using LINGA QUEUE to eliminate long waits, all you need is a TV or PC screen and an internet connection. Start now to make an impact on your service!

Bullet Provide Order Accuracy with Numbers
Tracking the process with numbers is easier! LINGA QUEUE reduces mistakes, fastens the process, and eliminates miscommunications.

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A digital display system designed to notify your customers once their orders are ready. Enhances customer service with simplicity!

  • Eliminates long waits and streamlines front-of-house operations.
  • LINGA QUEUE is an extension of LINGA KDS. They work together perfectly to organize your service, reduce mistakes, and offer speed.
  • Simple and easy to use! Download now, and start making progress!

Trusted by Businesses All Around the World

LINGA has provided its completely cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses of all around the globe. Offering the most customizable and user-friendly platforms to the industry, LINGA has provided its cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses all around the world.

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