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A Powerful Cloud-Based rOS System for Your Coffee Business

With a best-in-class POS solution, serve your guests better, increase sales, track your regulars’ favorite products, and reward them using LINGA’s built-in Loyalty Program!

LINGA Coffee Shop POS System

Very high tech point of sale software product. Love the look and interface with the customer. It truly is one of the most customer friendly POS systems on the market.

Joseph kelly

Protein House KC

LINGA Coffee Shop rOS System Opens up Opportunities for Growth and lets you Serve Your Customers Better

Differentiation is the key to success! Turn your Coffee Shop into a must-go destination with LINGA’s unique rOS system. Be your customers’ favorite Coffee Shop, and choose the best customizable rOS system that comes with a loyalty rewards program.

Customizable & Efficient

Custom Size Labels

Create your own unique label configuration.

Label Printing with All The Toppings

A complete label solution for nearly any product.

Recipe Management

Complete coffee shop management software that helps you manage recipes more effectively.

Streamlined Operations

Cost Analysis

Monitor business costs and charge your guests effectively to hit your profit margins.

Customer Preference Reporting

Improve your customer experience with solid data.

Easy to Use and Setup

Start making changes that promote progress easily.

Increased Customer Retention

Loyalty Reward Programs

An integrated loyalty program with rewards that keep customers coming back.

Encourage Repeat Visits

Build a stronger bond with your regular customers with an easy rewards program.

Easy to Register

Let customers sign up for loyalty rewards in a few seconds.

LINGA Online Ordering for Coffee Shop POS

Increase Your Coffee Shop’s Sales with Online Ordering

A Custom-Branded Experience for Online Customers

Grow your Coffee Shop’s online presence with features such as a branded mobile app, website ordering, and auto menu sync.

Fast and Simple 

Easy and fast setup, more customers means more revenue.

QR Code Technology

LINGA’s QR Code technology helps your staff members work more effectively and boosts productivity.

Utilize QR Code Technology

Serve your customers safer & quicker with LINGA’s QR code technology! Let your customers use QR codes for easy menu access, ordering, and payment from their table. QR codes can also be used as a virtual kiosk from your guests’ smartphones.

Manage Your Coffee Shop Kitchen More Efficiently

Easily manage your inventory with accuracy. Apply LINGA technology to increase productivity and grow sales!

LINGA QR Code Technology - Coffee Shop

Why Choose LINGA Coffee Shop rOS System?

Because LINGA’s complete point of sale system includes all the features and tools you would want in an rOS to run a successful Coffee Shop.

Why Choose LINGA Coffee Shop pOS System?

Because LINGA’s complete point of sale system includes all the features and tools you would want in an rOS to run a successful Coffee Shop.

Powerful & Easy Restaurant POS System

Loyalty reward programs, recipe management, QR Code technology, online ordering, and more.

Best POS Solution for Restaurant

An integrated loyalty program with rewards to your restaurant operation.

Powerful Restaurant POS System

Custom Size Labels, Label Printing with All The Toppings, and Cost Analysis.

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