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Main Line:


Easy Integration

  • Control Expenses
    Simplify the process with secure, and high-speed processing.
  • Custom Solution
    Designed to allow profits, with options for all businesses.
  • Data Analytics
    Gain insight into performance. Clearly see what’s working.

Secure Payments

  • Payment Gateway
    As processors, our primary goal is data security for all.
  • 100% PCI Compliant
    Updated to always process with the highest standards.
  • EMV-Ready Terminal
    Designed to process standard and chip card payments.

Business Funding

  • Secure Resource
    Support for when you have a great idea and need cash.
  • Same-day Funding
    No paperwork and you choose the payment options.
  • Funding Options
    We carefully select funding options based on your needs.
Linga Pay

Merchant Services for Restaurants

Add the most secure, reliable, and fairly priced merchant services team to your restaurant operating system and start accepting all payment types today.

Accept Tips
Accept Tips

Accept Tips with Linga Pay

The food service industry is a high-pressure, fast-paced environment that demands efficiency and accountability at checkout. From fine dining establishments to coffee shops and deli’s, diners rely on their ability to use credit cards to pay or tip when they are out.

Bullet Add or Edit Tips
Easily access and adjust tip amounts on closed checks.

Bullet Customer Display
Allow customers to see tip adjustments in real-time.
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Accept Payments On-the-Go

Accept Payments On-The-Go

Offering the full line of available merchant processing options to customers of every type of restaurant, means your staff won’t be slowed down or risk losing the loyalty of a customer due to disappointment. Increase your restaurants appeal by giving customers payment options, including Apple Pay.

Bullet EMV-Ready System
No need to upgrade / re-program your system to use EMV.

Bullet Always PCI Compliant
Maintaining full compliance with all industry standards.
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Accept Payments On-the-Go

Accept All Types of Payments
Accept All Types of Payments

Accept All Types of Payments Quickly and Securely

Small businesses in America are at the highest risk world-wide, for data breaches. The simplest breach can throw a classic small business into bankruptcy nearly over-night. With Linga Pay, you can be confident that we will stay ahead of security requirements with all known preventative measures.

Bullet Data Security
We go above and beyond to protect your business.

Bullet Layers of Security
We utilize EMV, NFC & support Apple Pay and more.
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Why Choose Linga?

Linga Pay offers all the features and tools you need to help you make the most cost-effective choice in managing your business transaction needs.

  • Fast and easy payment processing and merchant services for your restaurant POS.
  • Accept protected payments with the highest standards of data security available.
  • Supports table-side integrations for ordering and payment processing technology.

Trusted by Businesses All Around the World

LINGA has provided its completely cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses of all around the globe. Offering the most customizable and user-friendly platforms to the industry, LINGA has provided its cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses all around the world.

Ready to get started?

Talk to a restaurant expert today and learn how LINGA can help your business.

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