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Online Orders, Delivery, and a Pizza POS System Built for Pizzerias

The best rOS system for a pizzeria restaurant! LINGA’s ultimate solution package includes everything you need and expect to grow your business. Our pizza POS system was built to offer pizzerias the tools and features they most need. Whether it’s quarter-by-quarter customization, delivery dispatch, or built-in online ordering, LINGA has you covered. Offer the ultimate food to your customers with the best pizzeria point of sale software ever!

LINGA Pizza POS System

We have been using LINGA point of sale for over 3 years now. I love it! I highly recommend LINGA pizza POS to any business owner. Especially a pizzeria!

Traci Dennis

Rainbow Hills Winery & Pizzeria

A Cloud-Based Pizza Operating System Built on the Most Powerful Platform for Pizzeria Restaurants

We offer the most affordable and easy-to-use iPad pizza point-of-sale system for online ordering and delivery. Does your system do it all, or are you stuck searching for compatible integrations whenever you want to update? With the best pizzeria POS system, every tool is built-in. Let us show you.

Optimized Pizza POS Menu

Quarter by Quarter Customization

Customize toppings and combos.

Custom Pizza Builder

Add or remove toppings or create pre-built specialty pizzas.

Pizzeria Modifiers

Add mandatory and optional modifiers for total order control.

Deliver the Experience

POS Online Ordering

Easily accept and confirm pizza orders from online customers.

Branded Pizza POS App

Let your loyal customers download your branded mobile app.

Pizza Loyalty Rewards

Pizza Party! Let your customers rack up rewards for visiting.

Raise your Pizza IQ

Track Inventory

Manage, order, and set alerts for ingredients and supplies.

Manage Employees

Track hours, attendance, and create schedules on the fly.

Analyze Costs

Compare costs and spending patterns with real-time reports.

Customize LINGA Pizza POS Solution

Customize Your Pizza per Slice

The Pizzeria POS system is the best way for your customers to order at their own convenience. Pizza is meant to be customized and built to order, so your rOS system should be capable of that. Whether you’re adding specific toppings to half or even a quarter of the pie, choose the best system that lets you customize. With a complete cloud-based POS, pizza businesses are more effective and more profitable!

Topping Selector
Options to add, remove, or customize a specialty pizza.
Easy Pizza Builder
Create customized mandatory and optional modifiers.

Accept Online Orders Right in your Pizza POS System

Your pizza business can thrive with LINGA! The best pizzeria POS system built to streamline your operations and offer customized solutions every day! Build your own branded app that customers can download and place orders from – or offer online ordering that integrates with all the major players in 3rd party delivery such as UberEats, BiteSquad, ChowNow, and others.

Get Your Own POS App
Let customers download your app to their mobile devices.
Delivery Dispatch
Manage and schedule the quickest pizza delivery routes.
Provide Rewards Points
Incentivize customers to return with loyalty programs.
LINGA Online Ordering - Pizzeria POS System
Pizzeria POS System - Track Inventory Management - LINGA Pizza POS

Track Inventory at Ingredient Level

Managing business expenses requires keeping close track of all costs. The most successful pizza restaurants track costs down to the ingredient, watch usage patterns to forecast, and then make future purchasing plans.

Real-Time Reporting
Access analytics and reporting tools from anywhere.
Automated Alerts
Set custom notifications to alert employees of news.


What is a Pizza Point of Sale system?

A Pizza Point of Sale system is a collection of software tools aimed at reducing dependency on staff for daily operations. From customized menu creation and order tracking accuracy tools to ingredient and stock monitors, LINGA rOS has every feature and integration a pizzeria needs to run an efficient and lucrative restaurant.

Why do Pizza shops need POS software?

Pizzerias normally service dine-in, pick-up, and delivery guests, so they need a system that can properly service all of those customers while improving operations. With a Pizza POS system, your can:
- Collect customer orders with lightning-fast speed and accuracy
- Design and customize menus based on customer demand
- Keep precise track of your toppings to better track food costs
- Delight customers with loyalty rewards and discounts
- Generate customized reports to aid decision-making and overall profitability
Benefits of using a Pizza POS software
- Increase customer retention and profits with LINGA’s POS system:
- Manage multiple orders with ease
- Save on ticket paper with a digital kitchen display screen and improve operations
- Offer customizations to your dishes without the hassle
-Trace toppings and sauces accurately, with inventory tracking down to the ingredient
- Elevate your diners’ experience with the help of our customer feedback tools
- Improve business decisions with actionable insights from our reporting and analytics features.

Why is LINGA the best Pizza POS system?

LINGA offers the best Pizza Point of Sale system you need to grow your pizzeria. LINGA's cloud-based software comes with a variety of built-in modules to automate your business operations and increase overall sales. With over 24 modules available, you can customize your point of sale to best fit your restaurant’s needs. From online ordering and delivery management to insight reporting and customer feedback management, we have everything a pizzeria needs to run smoothly. With integrations like DoorDash Drive and Deliverect, you can access drivers on demand to increase your daily deliveries while improving efficiency. Other partnerships, like Carter Hoffman, can provide your pizzeria with state-of-the-art pizza warmers for your pick-up customers.

How to Get free Live Demo Pizza POS software from LINGA?

To try out our Pizza POS software, you can click here to sign up for a free demo. One of our POS experts will guide you through our front and back office and will answer any questions you have along the way.

Why Choose LINGA Quick Service POS System?

Because LINGA’s complete Point-Of-Sale system includes all the features and tools you would want in an rOS to run a successful Quick Service shop.

Why Choose LINGA Quick Service POS System?

Because LINGA’s complete Point-Of-Sale system includes all the features and tools you would want in an rOS to run a successful Quick Service shop.

POS Puzzle Icon

Loyalty reward programs, recipe management, QR Code technology, online ordering, and more.

Partners Deal

An integrated loyalty program with rewards to your restaurant operation.

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Custom Size Labels, Label Printing with All The Toppings, and Cost Analysis.

LINGA Restaurant POS System
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