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A Complete rOS Solution for Cigar Lounges

If you own or manage a cigar lounge and are looking for unique rOS features built just for your business in mind, your solution is ready! LINGA’s full-service cigar store point of sale system includes all the features and tools you want in an rOS to run a successful cigar lounge.

Complete LINGA Cigar Lounge Shop POS

Excellent cloud-based restaurant POS system, very easy to work and user-friendly. What I like the most is you can set up and update the menu and pricing remotely and only take a few simple steps.

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Smokehouse Sandwich Co

Manage and Grow Your Cigar Lounge With Cloud-Based a Management System

LINGA Cigar Shop rOS System includes all the essential features like inventory management & tracking, loyalty program, customer display system, and contactless technology for your business to thrive.

Store Analytics

Easy tracking

Keep track of important stock items such as retail items, boxes, and single-stick sales.

Reduce Stock Losses

Track damaged items and combat theft.

Real Costs Analysis

Track spending patterns and use that data to order efficiently.

Improve Your Business Processes

Custom Size Labels

Create your own unique label configuration.

Label Printing with All The Toppings

Complete label solution for nearly any product.

Recipe Management

Complete management software that helps you manage recipes more effectively.

Robust Loyalty Program

Clear and Accurate

Reliable data about customer loyalty provides critical analytics.

Easy Rewards

Loyalty point accumulation with automatically applied tiered pricing levels for VIP customers.

Retain Customers

Nurture customer engagement and encourage frequent visits.

Enhance Customer Experience using LINGA Cigar Lounge billing

Enhance The Customer Experience

Streamline Your Operation

LINGA Cigar Lounge rOS System is designed to make customer purchases, cross-promotional ads, and loyalty sign-ups easier than ever before.

Offer Contactless Technology

Accept fast, easy, and secure contactless payment methods that are always EMV and PCI compliant.

Data Security

We go above and beyond to protect your business.

Inventory Management for Easy Stocking

View The Stock Status Easily

View the stock of the inventory items using bar-code scanning or by manually entering in the bar-code.

Easier & Faster Stock Management 

Manage the stock available in the inventory using phones and adjust the stock of the inventory items.

Control Your Inventory System

Verify and adjust the vendor-based inventory stock items.

Inventory Management for LINGA Cigar Lounge system

Why Choose LINGA Cigar Lounge rOS System?

Because LINGA’s complete rOS system includes all the features and tools you would want in an rOS to run a successful cigar shop.

Powerful & Easy Restaurant POS System

Loyalty reward programs, inventory management & tracking, customer display system, contactless technology, and more.

Best POS Solution for Restaurant

Effective inventory management to reduce stock losses and combat theft.

Powerful Restaurant POS System

Robust Loyalty Program.

LINGA Restaurant POS System
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