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Main Line:


Low Stock Alerts

  • Automated Notifications
    Get automatic alerts when item stock levels are running low.
  • Never 86 an Item Again
    Always have a fully stocked kitchen and all dishes available.
  • Organized and Easy
    Keep your kitchen and inventory tracking working smoothly.

Kitchen Analytics

  • Track Ingredients
    Help your kitchen staff keep track of important stock items.
  • Real Costs Analysis
    Track spending patterns and use that data to order efficiently.
  • Ingredient Tracking
    Easily keep track of costs down to the ingredient or dish.

Inventory Forecasting

  • Calculate Savings
    Plan efficiently and know how much you spend on every ingredient.
  • Reduce Losses
    Whether it is due to poor efficiency or possible theft, track losses.
  • Start Taking Charge
    An organized kitchen is the key to success and profit growth.
Linga Inventory

Everything a Restaurant Needs for Inventory Tracking and Kitchen Stock Management

Give your kitchen staff a cloud-based personal assistant for inventory. There is nothing more helpful than a well-stocked and efficient kitchen during a busy weekend service.

Cloud based inventory tracking
Cloud based inventory tracking

A Cloud-Based Inventory Management Tool Designed to be as Powerful as it is Easy-To-Use. Are you Ready?

Bullet Automated Alerts
Get notified moments after a stock item reaches a threshold.

Bullet Fast Data Entry
Enter inventory data fast with user-friendly inventory settings.

Bullet No Complications
No pen and paper inventory counts, so staff can stay focused.
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Real time tracking restaurant inventory Anywhere, Anytime

Plan Ahead with On-Demand Analytics and Real-Time Reporting Features to Keep You Informed

Bullet Forecast Kitchen Needs
Plan and purchase like a professional, with the help of real data.

Bullet Ingredient Tracking
Accurate ingredient costs enable businesses to find ways to save.

Bullet Reduce Labor Costs
With automated inventory, kitchen staff can focus on service.
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Real time tracking restaurant inventory Anywhere, Anytime

Restaurant Stock Availablity
Restaurant Stock Availablity

Mobile Inventory Tracking with Quick Access to Stock Management Tools from your Smartphone

Bullet Easy and Convenient
View add or change ınventory and stock settings while on-the-go.

Bullet Mobile Dashboard
Control and monitor stock levels with an easy-access dashboard.

Bullet Mobile Inventory System
Maximize kitchen space and simplify the purchasing process.
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Restaurant Inventory Stock Under Control

LINGA Stock: Keeping Your Inventory Under Control Has Never Been Simpler!

Bullet View The Stock Status In Your Store Easily
View the stock of the inventory items using the bar-code scanning as well as entering the bar-code manually.

Bullet Easier & Faster Stock Management From Any Location
Manage the stock available in the inventory using phones and adjust the stock of the inventory items.

Bullet Control Your Inventory System
Verify and adjust the vendor based inventory menu items.
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Restaurant Inventory Stock Under Control

Why Choose Inventory?

Cloud-based inventory management software that comes standard with the world’s first complete restaurant operating system.

  • Automated low stock notification to keep you informed of critical stock alerts and news.
  • Access real-time analytics and historical purchasing records to forecast inventory needs.
  • User-friendly mobile dashboard allows you to manage inventory from anywhere with Wi-Fi.
Cloud inventory Management

Trusted by Businesses All Around the World

LINGA has provided its completely cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses of all around the globe. Offering the most customizable and user-friendly platforms to the industry, LINGA has provided its cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses all around the world.

Ready to get started?

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