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The #1 Quick Service Restaurant POS System

Point of sale systems for restaurants help restaurateurs enhance the customer experience, streamline daily operations, and grow revenue. Join thousands of QSR businesses that have added our powerful and fast operating system & quick service software to manage their bustling dining rooms and busy kitchens. Enjoy the best quick service restaurant point of sale system, deliver and the guest experience with speed!

LINGA Quick Service POS System

Each email, phone call, or computer training call always left me feeling this team was here to help me in any way. In the future, I plan expanding my business and will first go to LINGA POS.

Scott Gandolph

Gothams Deli

Take your Quick Service Concept to the Next Level with the Top-Rated QSR POS System

Enjoy the fastest and the most powerful choice for your QSR, when you choose LINGA rOS®. A simple and effective quick service restaurant POS that improves your service and fuels growth. With every quick service feature and preset integration included, the choice for restaurants is crystal clear.

QSR POS Reporting Tools

Advanced Tools

Receive real-time updates and analytics straight to your laptop.

Data On-Demand

Analyze detailed business reports and make smarter decisions

Scheduling Tools

Access employee labor reports and a weekly schedule-creator

Fast Service POS Features

Built for Growth

Easy setup and scalable quick service restaurant online ordering apps and loyalty programs.


Every tool and feature for QSR comes standard and ready to go.

Mobile Tech

Grow your customer base by giving them the ability to order online.

Reliable POS Support

Technical Support

From anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Resource Library

Have questions or need help on functionality? It’s available.

Provide Security

Offer the latest, most secure EMV-ready payment methods.

LINGA Quick Service Order Type Screenshot

Faster, Smarter, Quicker Point of Sale Service

Give customers the full experience with LINGA’s restaurant and retail operating system and fast food POS software designed with QSRs in mind. LINGA can be customized to cater to any type of concept and has every modern feature to keep your customers happy. LINGA quick service restaurant point of sale systems help you focus on growing your business.

Take Online & Takeout Orders

Make service quicker and more convenient for customers.

Accept All Types of Payments

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, and more.

Inventory & Sales Alerts

Receive automated stock alerts when inventory is low.

Increase Your Average Check Size

With fierce competition to satisfy hungry crowds during lunch and dinner, now is the perfect time to upgrade to a fast food POS system, designed to keep kitchens and servers going steady through the rush. Let customers order, sign up for loyalty, and pay for meals without any unnecessary hassle. With the best QSR, rOS, and quick service POS software, with kitchen display, your fast food business will not just survive, but thrive!

Offer Promos and Upsells at Checkout

Customer-facing displays designed for QSR locations.

Loyalty Rewards for Regulars

Easy to enroll, track, and reward customer loyalty.

Reduce Ordering Errors

Allow customers to place orders without assistance.

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LINGA Kitchen Display System - QSR POS

Speed up QSR Orders with LINGA Kitchen Display System

Paperless order tracking is here. Send orders to your kitchen that appear instantly on a color-coded Kitchen Display System, with custom alerts for specific areas of your kitchen. With the LINGA quick service restaurant POS and kitchen display system, you will increase revenue while being more sustainable.

Real-time Order Changes

See changes to orders instantly on the KDS.

Supports Large Menus

Customizable to support complex menus.

Smart Routing

Send menu items to specific screens by type.

Improve Safety, Convenience, and Speed with the LINGA Curbside Ordering Option!

LINGA Curbside ordering, pickup, and delivery is a safe and hygienic way for your customers to buy food and products, even during the most unprecedented times. It allows customers to drive to their favorite restaurants and local stores and pick up their orders without ever getting out of the car. Choose the best way of making your services accessible to improve your customers’ overall experience – LINGA contactless curbside delivery!

Safe & Convenience

Customers can safely pick up their favorite items while keeping their distance from the employees and 3rd party delivery services.

Increase Revenue & Reduce Costs

While you keep your revenue coming in, you can also avoid overspending by using up your existing inventory.

Faster & Easier Ordering

Driving to a restaurant may be the fastest option to buy food for your customers. With the curbside ordering feature, your customers can select a delivery time slot and pick up their orders easily on their time.

Try LINGA quick service restaurant POS today and enjoy the convenience and safety of our curbside ordering feature right away!

Curbside Ordering - QSR POS Software

Why Choose LINGA Quick Service POS System?

Because LINGA’s complete Point-Of-Sale system includes all the features and tools you would want in an rOS to run a successful Quick Service shop.

Why Choose LINGA Quick Service POS System?

Because LINGA’s complete Point-Of-Sale system includes all the features and tools you would want in an rOS to run a successful Quick Service shop.

Powerful & Easy Restaurant POS System

Loyalty reward programs, recipe management, QR Code technology, online ordering, and more.

Best POS Solution for Restaurant

An integrated loyalty program with rewards to your restaurant operation.

Powerful Restaurant POS System - Credit Card

Custom Size Labels, Label Printing with All The Toppings, and Cost Analysis.

LINGA Restaurant POS System
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