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Main Line:


More Convenience

  • Popular Checkout Method
    Offer a kiosk where customers can quickly place their order and pay for their meal.
  • Quicker Checkout
    Allow customers a way to add a tip with ease on a personalized checkout screen.
  • Happy Customers
    Make customers feel appreciated with a self-serve, quick, and easy checkout process.

Modern Dining

  • Customer Demands
    Customers want technology and are attracted by fast lunch and dinner transactions.
  • Increase Sales
    Add promotional messages and special features to the order screen to boost sales.
  • Add a Unique Touch
    You can incorporate company logos and color schemes to match your branding.

Increase Productivity

  • Decrease Wait Times
    With a self-ordering kiosk, customers will have an option available when in a rush.
  • Better Service
    While some customers prefer speaking to a person, others prefer to grab and go.
  • Elegant Technology
    More than a powerful tool, self-ordering kiosks add a touch of elegance and class.
Linga Kiosk

More Sales, Less Waiting, and Happier Customers

Let diners take back control. Allow them to place orders, make payments and even sign up for loyalty rewards all from a self-service restaurant kiosk.

Self Ordering Kiosk Linga
Self Ordering Kiosk Linga

Increase Average Check Size and Enhance the Customer Experience

Guide customers through simple order steps to add extra toppings, upgrade to premium sides, or to make it a combo. A self-ordering kiosk is the easiest way to add convenience while increasing revenue.

Business Booster
Average check amounts increase when customers order themselves.

VIP Experience
Everyone loves skipping a long line and getting straight to the order.
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User Friendly Kiosk

Sleek, Elegant and Incredibly User-friendly Ordering Platform

Offer a no-pressure self-service kiosk for customers to place their orders, verify for accuracy, sign up for rewards, and even make a payment. Ensure customers that they are getting what they want in a fast, efficient way.

Bullet Easy and Convenient
Customers can take their time and browse the menu with ease.

Bullet Safe and Secure
Allow customers to securely pay using debit or credit card payments.
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User Friendly Kiosk


Improve Productivity with Self Order Kiosks for Restaurants

Many restaurant owners are beginning to implement a self-service kiosk system in order to offer diners the best possible dining experience. With user-friendly menu and payment options, kiosks are in demand.

Embracing Technology
Update your restaurant technology and see immediate RO.

A New Way of Ordering
The restaurant experience has evolved in the name of service.
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Why Choose Linga?

It’s a complete restaurant operating system that integrates ordering software such as table-side and self-serve kiosk systems.

  • Seamless integration to a cloud-based restaurant kiosk system that customers will love.
  • Immediate ROI due to lower wait times, increased check size and happier customers.
  • Let customers place orders, add tips, enter payments, sign up to loyalty and more.

Trusted by Businesses All Around the World

LINGA has provided its completely cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses of all around the globe. Offering the most customizable and user-friendly platforms to the industry, LINGA has provided its cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses all around the world.

Ready to get started?

Talk to a restaurant expert today and learn how LINGA can help your business.

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