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Retail Operating System Pricing


Retailers that need a maximum of 2 POS stations


  • ✓ Dual Pricing Option
  • ✓ Gift Cards
  • ✓ Mobile Reporting App
  • ✓ Time Keeping


Retailers that need multiple stations


  • ✓ Mobile Stock Taking App
  • ✓ Purchase Order Management
  • ✓ Retail Inventory Management
  • ✓ Plus all CORE Functionality


Retailers that have multiple locations


  • ✓ Loyalty With Rewards
  • ✓ Marketing With Automation
  • ✓ Multi-Location Reporting
  • ✓ Plus all CORE & PRO Functionality

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Unavailable for that plan

Available for that plan

Included in that plan

Paid annually / per register $29.99/MO $49.99/MO $89.99/MO
Paid monthly/ per register $39.99/MO $69.99/MO $109.99/MO
Products / Items Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Dashboard
Employees Dashboard
Enterprise Dashboard
Inventory Dashboard
Sales Dashboard


If you have questions about pricing, you can take look FAQ’s.

What's the difference between LINGA’s current Operating System versus the Retail POS?

LINGA’s Retail POS is designed solely with retail shops in mind. We have redesigned our modules to fit the growing needs of retailers, from inventory and scheduling to loyalty and marketing. We provide an all-in-one solution for retail businesses to enjoy.

What kinds of businesses does LINGA support?

LINGA will support your retail store, from deli and marketplaces to your neighborhood gift shop, LINGA can accommodate your inventory – your way.

Does LINGA retail work for multiple locations?

Yes, from independent to multi-location chains, LINGA Retail can work for your business needs.

What hardware supports LINGA retail?

LINGA Retail runs on our Android hardware solution.

How easy is it to transfer my inventory from my current POS system?

LINGA can support your inventory item database and seamlessly transfer them without worry.

How easy is it to train my employees on this system?

With LINGA’s intuitive interface with graphical support it is easy for anyone to learn on.

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