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The Delivery Solution for all of Your Restaurant Needs

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Restaurant Online Delivery Solution
Restaurant Online Delivery Solution

Delivery is Here to Stay:

Consumers are now deciding to pick up their mobile devices and order for delivery instead of dining in at their favorite restaurants. A recent study by Mintel corroborates this trend, stating that 63% of consumers agree it is more convenient to order delivery than dine-in. In addition to consumers’ preferences, data from App Rhino shows the potential profitability that restaurants could be missing out on. They state that in 2021 the average cost a user paid for an online delivery order was $157.89. This provides a prime opportunity for restaurants to take advantage of this rising trend rather than risk their dine-in numbers becoming cannibalized by local competitors, who have already implemented delivery service.

Delivery Solution:

Deliverect provides an all-in-one solution for restaurants that want to sell their food online by aggregating all of your delivery applications into one place on your pos system. Whether your customers are using Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, or any other third-party delivery solution, your restaurant will be able to service them without overwhelming your employees. Now, orders are automatically pushed straight to the kitchen and printed in one standardized format, improving operational flow and prep time. This simplifies your restaurant’s daily operations and saves floor staff from time-consuming tasks like manually copying online orders and sending them to the kitchen.

With Deliverect, your restaurant can:

  • Improve order accuracy
  • Save time and labor
  • Increase overall revenue
  • Focus more on creating delish meals

By using Deliverect to automate your restaurant’s online workflow, you can improve your delivery time by 40%. As a LINGA integration, our customers know firsthand the massive benefits that Deliverect provides. Regain control of your deliveries, and check out what Deliverect can do for your restaurant today.


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