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Brewery POS System for Craft Beer Restaurants

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Brewery POS Software
Brewery POS Software

According to Statista, there are over 8,000 breweries operating in the United States, producing over 23 million barrels of craft beer in 2020 alone. With Americans’ increasing interest in microbreweries, the time to upgrade your point-of-sale system is now. In this blog, we will discuss how a new brewery POS system will help your establishment run more efficiently and elevate your guests’ overall experience.

Keep Open Tabs Without Keeping Credit Cards:

One of the most stressful aspects of bartending is keeping track of customers’ credit cards while maintaining the rest of your bar duties. Alleviate your employees’ concerns with a brewery

Brewery POS system allows you to store customers’ credit card information while they drink. Guests will be happy to learn that they can keep a hold of their cards while keeping their tab open.

Happy Hour Automation:

Happy Hour specials are a great way to get new customers in the door and boost profits, but it can be difficult to dictate what drinks you want to feature and when. With a new brewery point of sale software, you can automate happy hour deals and set them up ahead of time; just select the date, time, and fixed discount. View your inventory to see which brews have performed the best that week to determine your happy hour specials moving forward. This capability is fantastic because employees do not have to worry about manually inputting promotions or forgetting to discount when it is happy hour.

Keep Track of Your Inventory With Ease:

One of the most important aspects of any bar or brewery is maintaining inventory levels. The new cloud-based brewery POS systems on the market, now provide live data so you can view your inventory from anywhere, at any time. This can be great for managers, or owners who want to check stock levels, even if they are not at the physical location. With LINGA Inventory, one of the modules from LINGA’s complete restaurant POS system, you can access real-time analytics and historical purchasing records to forecast future inventory needs. See how different brews are performing, and modify their prices in response. Cut down on your labor costs with automated inventory, so staff can focus on what’s important, the customers. LINGA Inventory allows you to perform a multitude of tasks from inventory forecasting to kitchen analytics, helping your brewery gain profits while minimizing human error. 

Off-Campus Capabilities:

If your brewery caters to events, you will want a brewery point-of-sale system that is mobile and offers offline capabilities. With LINGA Go, you can order, pay, and add tips all from a safe and convenient handheld device. Customers can choose payments types including EMV, swipe, Contactless NFC, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. With customized features, you can set discounts and tax rates relevant to the event you are catering. With wifi and LTE enabled, LINGA Go offers flexible offline functions.

Reward Loyal Customers:

A recent study from Invesp found that 83% of customers say that loyalty rewards programs make them more likely to continue business with a certain brand. It went on to state that “76% percent of consumers think that loyalty programs are a part of their relationship with brands.” Loyalty rewards programs are a great way to retain more long-term customers and provide incentives for new customers to join. With LINGA Loyalty, you receive critical analytics about your customers’ spending behavior, allowing you to better understand their patterns. Understand and capitalize on customer habits with a trackable rewards program that allows you to recognize each loyal customer automatically. Never miss another opportunity to build a stronger bond with your regular brewery customers.

Improve Bartender Efficiency:

If your brewery also serves liquor, there are certain modules you can add to your brewery POS system to improve your bartenders’ consistency and efficiency. LINGA’s integration partner AndroBar, allows bartenders to only dispense liquor after a sale has been rung into the brewery POS. The integrated solution controls the brand and amount for each order and provides the bartender with step-by-step recipe instructions. Now, even new bartenders can create consistent drinks and pour the exact recipes with ease. With this integrated solution, you don’t have to worry about bartenders over-pouring, under-pouring, or mis-pouring anymore. Cloud-based digital tracking allows you to view important information like ingredients used, portion size, date, time, and user. With AndroBar’s LINGA integration, the drink-making process is simplified while providing in-depth digital reporting from anywhere.

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