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LINGA rOS® vs Revel POS

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Linga vs Revel POS

Used by restaurants and franchises all over the world, LINGA rOS® is the world’s first enterprise-ready cloud-based restaurant operating system that offers convenience, ease of use, and technology. With enterprise-level online ordering, reporting, loyalty reward programs, employee scheduling, and more, LINGA rOS® helps you efficiently manage your franchise locations.

See how we differ from Revel POS with our cost-effective full-service restaurant technology solution.

Reasons why we deliver the best service:

1. We are everywhere
In over 150 countries, accessible on any device, anytime, in any language and currency.

2. We are the cloud
Our cloud-based system that allows unlimited access anywhere is updated monthly with powerful new tools and integrations. All our applications, services, and resources are available to users via the internet.

3. Our system is built only for restaurants
With 10+ apps in 1 system, LINGA rOS® is designed for restaurants and franchises to increase service quality, customer engagement, and revenue.

4. We offer the latest technology
Partnered with the best technology providers and offering the latest apps and integrations, we help restaurateurs provide the ultimate guest experience to their customers.

5. We offer cost-effective solutions to your business needs
LINGA rOS® is the most complete & cost-effective solution for your restaurant business with a catalog of products built for greater efficiency. LINGA rOS® comes equipped with every POS feature and integration already included.

Why choose LINGA rOS® over Revel POS?Linga rOS®Revel POS
Central Kitchen & Warehouse
Running a franchise has never been easier. LINGA Cloud Kitchen helps you increase the efficiency of foodservice and warehouse operations with a centralized system. All the while, accomplishing more with fewer resources.

Tableside Ordering & Payments
LINGA GO, an order & pay-at-the-table solution, is designed to be used by restaurant staff to take orders at the table, accept tableside payments, or for line-busting. As a complete cloud-based solution for greater restaurant efficiency, LINGA GO allows restaurant staff to work more efficiently, focus on customer engagement, and turn tables faster.

QR Pay Technology
With LINGA QR Pay technology, the ordering and the payment process is more secure than ever. With user-friendly LINGA QR Pay, your guests can quickly place their orders, pay for their meals, add tips, and sign up for loyalty programs. QR Pay enables trust with new and existing customers as you provide safety and convenience with contactless technology.

Central Call Center
LINGA Call Center integrates directly with your POS system. LINGA Call CNT helps you manage a large volume of customer engagements with the smart routing feature, track purchasing data, and eliminating missed calls. Always providing great service.

 ERP Integrations
LINGA easily integrates with ERP like NetSuite, NAV, and SAP with Backend tools and helps you create easy-to-understand reports on your sales and other data.

Hotel Property Management
LINGA rOS® is the ultimate cloud solution for hotels with a complete cloud-based management system, enterprise features, and consolidated reporting skills. You can manage complex hotel operations easily.

LINGA Waitlist offers customers an easy way to add their name to the waitlist, see the estimated wait time, and be alerted when their table is ready.

3rd party
Nest Camera & Thermostat

3rd party
Cash Discount Program

24/7 Software Support, VIP Support Option, Gift Card Module

Operating System

iOS, Android, Web, WindowsiOS

Offering the most customizable, cost-effective, and user-friendly platform to the industry, LINGA rOS® provides its cloud-based operating system to foodservice businesses all around the world.

Be a part of this growing network now and improve your business!

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Also, you can check LINGA rOS® vs Toast comparison:

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