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How Online Ordering Can Improve Restaurant Sales

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How Online Ordering Can Improve Restaurant Sales
How Online Ordering Can Improve Restaurant Sales

According to a recent study conducted by Hospitality Technology, 43% of restauranteurs say an how online ordering integration is the main functionality driving their next POS purchase. Web-based ordering has only continued to gain popularity amongst diners and is becoming the norm. With an average of 67% of customers preferring online options over calling in or visiting a restaurant (National Restaurant Association, 2019), the time to implement online ordering is now.

Improve Digital Footprint & Online Presence    

Online ordering can improve your restaurant’s digital footprint by making it more visible to potential and current customers. Now, diners can easily find your website, look through the menu, determine their order type, and view essential information such as store hours and holidays. This can lead to more consumers finding your business, ordering from it, and ultimately increasing sales. According to Statista, approximately 73% of all restaurants in the United States have online ordering options. If you do not have website ordering, you are automatically putting your business at a disadvantage.

Gain Valuable Insights

An online ordering system with a loyalty rewards program can streamline the ordering process for customers and restaurants alike. Diners can order quickly and easily from any device, while your restaurant business can keep track of orders and rewards points in one system.

Integrating online ordering into your restaurant POS system allows you to access more customer data on dining patterns and spending behaviors. A loyalty rewards program working in tandem with online ordering can foster current and new diner relationships. Customers will be encouraged to order more often with rewards points, and your restaurant can keep customers engaged with personalized messages and notifications.


With LINGA’s Online Ordering Module, you can easily track sales, view diner spending patterns, and improve your customers’ dining experience. See how LINGA can revolutionize the way you take orders; view our website ordering module today.

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