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Benefits of Restaurant Loyalty Programs

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Restaurant loyalty program

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry has had to adjust the ways they interact with their customer base in order to maintain a steady revenue stream. Restaurants, from McDonalds to mom and pop shops, have curated and expanded their loyalty programs to keep their customers coming back, during these tumultuous times.

Paytronix, a world-class customer experience platform, states that “Loyalty programs do more than foster goodwill between consumer and brand; they provide tremendous insight into guest behavior and preference, inform and enhance marketing efforts, and provide a line of direct communication to the guest. These all proved invaluable in 2020, when brands were forced to reinvent themselves overnight to survive in a rapidly changing environment.” In their most recent annual report, they continued to highlight the worth that loyalty programs can provide restaurateurs.

Paytronix’s Annual Loyalty Report Key Findings:

  • “Loyalty programs consistently boost visits and spending by 18–30% per enrolled member.”
  • A loyalty member’s check was, on average, 6% larger than non-loyalty customers over fiscal the year.
  • “Quick-service restaurants hardly saw a drop in visits among repeat-visit loyalty members in 2020. As indicated by gift card sales and online ordering data”

Loyalty programs provide more value overall to your brand in the consumer’s eye. By earning points and receiving rewards, the customer feels appreciated and is more likely to return to your restaurant. Implementing these programs can also make you more appealing to consumers you haven’t reached yet. Utilize your loyalty program as a marketing tool to reach this potential market by posting the promotions you have for that week on your social media platforms.

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