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Benseron ™ Officially Announces the Launch of the First Ever Free Cloud-based iPad POS System Linga POS™

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Benseron Information Technologies, Inc., the company known for developing robust, POS systems that are custom-tailored for retailers and restaurants, has just released their newest product, Linga POS™, the first ever free cloud-based iPad POS System. Linga POS is the first breed of Cloud POS solutions to utilize Benseron’s proprietary Master Sync feature which allows devices to communicate without Wi-Fi, internet or a cloud server. This feature changes the game on so many levels, as there will be no downtime on iPad devices, unlike other Mobile POS systems in the industry.

Linga POS is a state of the art solution that combines some of the most sophisticated cloud technologies of Google™ and Amazon™ with the world’s best known brand of consumer devices – Apple™. With its open architecture and big-data ready database structure. The structure can also support unlimited data with its auto-scaling architecture. This enables unlimited historical data to be kept and stored, and analyzed for predictive and prescriptive analytics. It gives retail stores and restaurant owners the detailed information they need to make the right decisions for their operations in real time. Whether it’s one store with one iPad, or a multi-national franchise with thousands of branches and unlimited iPads, Linga POS will be able to speed up their operations unlike other mobile POS systems.

Linga POS is built on an Open Platform Enterprise Cloud Application, so anyone can sign-up for Linga POS from anywhere in the world. The process is simple: download the Linga app, choose your language and currency, add your menus and start taking orders within minutes. Traditional POS systems can take a minimum of 2 weeks to set up, but with Linga POS the process is simplified and streamlined to get a business up and running in minutes not weeks.

Linga POS also integrates with Internet of Things (IOT) devices like security cameras, thermostat controls, door entry systems and similar Smart Technology. Linga POS has full integration with Google Nest™ devices that will provide customers the convenience of managing their business remotely. With a click of a button they can lock their doors, change the temperature of their rooms and manage other tasks from the Linga POS back office portal.

Onur Haytac, CEO of Benseron IT, has been immersed in developing smart technology solutions for over 20 years. His intense passion drives him to bring innovation and new technology to the point of sale market, and he has made it a personal goal to reduce the cost of that technology. Because of their commitment to this goal, Benseron will offer their basic edition plan for free and offer the other edition plans at cost. This also supports the company’s mission strategy of helping restaurant owners grow their business with enterprise products like Linga POS. “It has been my personal journey to bring new technology to the market place with the intention of helping business owners achieve their dreams.” said Haytac.

Linga’s pricing structure is significantly lower than major competitors and the customers will not be required to sign any long-term contracts. “We wanted to give anyone the power of this app to run their business. Linga POS is the first of its kind, with a game-changing business model to match. Merchants can sign up online for free, and download the product.” relayed Haytac.

The Linga app will only be available in iOS and will be available in the Apple Store. Apple was chosen because of its unprecedented security, and its accessibility around the world as a hardware platform with support already in place. Linga POS is a multilingual application and can translate into 30+ different languages including German, Chinese, English, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese etc. It can also support all of the world’s currencies. Linga POS even offers direct Point-to-Point Encryption, EMV Integration and also PCI Compliant.

Linga POS has a very robust inventory management control for restaurant owners, where the system will calculate the cost of each menu item by calculating the food recipes. It supports the total fulfillment process and automatic generation of purchase orders from low stock items. Linga POS has more modules which will help customers speed up their operations and allow them to see the strengths and weaknesses of their business model.

Haytac believes that Linga POS encompasses all of his initial intentions for the product, and has truly exceeded his expectations. “Point of Sale business is my never-ending passion. Being able to understand the requirements of every restaurant and retail store operator and combine the latest architecture, technologies and extensive features into this product, makes it a true art form. The word Linga is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “divine energy”. Linga POS was created with the intention of bringing Zen back to business owners, and I believe it does that, and so much more for our clients. Linga POS will bring serious competition to iPad based MPos market.” Haytac said. To learn more about Linga POS, get started here at https://www.lingaros.com

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