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Restaurants Need More Technology Than Ever

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2020 was a challenging year for restaurants like many businesses. It gave restaurateurs all more insight into customer needs, expectations, and future restaurant technologies to keep up with the competition and draw in more revenue. 2021 is a new chapter with new opportunities if businesses embrace these new technologies and keep pushing the boundaries.

Adobe and Publicis Sapient conducted a study among leaders of quick-service and fast-casual restaurant executives to assess their transformation, how they have leveraged digital technologies, and their maturity to uncover and capture opportunities for growth. The Research explored the executives’ perspectives and proficiencies in topics including mobile, contactless technologies, data analytics, the internet of things, and more.

According to the research, 93% of the leaders they surveyed said that the COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant or radical change on their business and, looking forward, 65% were seeing significant or tremendous gaps in their current digital offerings. Now, restaurateurs are rethinking their digital roadmap to better transform in preparation for a fast-changing future.

Here are the Adobe & Publicis Sapient Research Findings that will help you focus on the right restaurant operating system to optimize and thrive in your business post-pandemic.

Digital transformation has become a necessity.

  • 65% of QSRs see significant or tremendous gaps in their current digital offerings. 
  • 87% of QSRs have implemented a significant number of digital initiatives in the past three years, yet only 11% consider themselves a fully digital enterprise. 
  • 53% say that they are well-advanced on the journey and 78% foresee changing 25% to 50% of their digital roadmap due to the pandemic impact.

What We Offer: We help you digitize the journey.

Used by restaurants and franchises all over the world, LINGA restaurant operating system is the world’s first enterprise-ready cloud-based restaurant operating system that offers convenience, ease of use, and technology. Including a set of integrations such as Contactless technologies, Driver app, Point of Sale, Self-Service Kiosk, Loyalty Rewards Program, Inventory Management, Kitchen Display System, Customer Display System, Waitlist, Cloud Kitchen, Caller ID, Scheduling, & Call Center, our restaurant operating system is an innovative response to the demand for a one-stop solution for restaurant owners.

Contactless Technologies and Mobile are at the top of the list.

  • Research shows that mobile at the top of the list for technologies that restaurateurs believe will be key drivers of innovation in the industry. 
  • Mobile also unlocks new opportunities to enable contactless services.
  • A large majority of QSR restaurants currently offer mobile payments (92%), mobile ordering (88%), and web ordering (84%). 

What We Offer: We update your technology.

Our contactless suite of products offers another layer of guest service that is convenient, quick, safe, and easy. LINGA Driver, QR Pay, LINGA GO, and LINGA OLOcan be the best solution to remain operational and provide a secure ordering and payment process for your customers.

How customers buy food has changed. 

  • In 2019, prior to COVID-19, most customers purchased their food in-store, representing the largest percentage of revenue (41%). 
  • Since March 2020, many restaurants have been forced to close their stores, representing only 19% of total revenue. Successful QSRs have pivoted, embracing mobile, take-out, delivery, and other off-premise methods. 
  • As more consumers choose to stay home or limit their time in public places, sales from pickup and delivery orders placed through third-party apps have increased the most (70% and 69%, respectively).

What We Offer: We make you online with an all-in-one powerful cloud-based system.

Starting delivery services with LINGA OLO is the best investment you can make to grow your business. Your customers can place their orders easily with a fast and easy option. Online orders flow directly to the kitchen and can be throttled to eliminate kitchen overload during peak periods. LINGA OLO also creates a safe social distance between customers and delivery drivers while allowing restaurants to keep their business flowing.

LINGA Driver app, a crucial part of LINGA’s online ordering ecosystem, offers faster delivery and better customer service. With a delivery driver app designed for franchises and big chains for a seamless delivery process, you can quickly assign your drivers to deliveries, speed up the process & manage your restaurant more effectively.

If you’re considering starting a curbside service, “LINGA OLO & Curbside pickup integration” is the best solution, and it offers everything you need to run your business smoothly. While you can easily accept online orders with a fast, easy, and powerful ordering platform, you can provide contactless delivery with curbside pickup and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, all while still make your customers smile. 

Collecting and analyzing data can transform your business.

  • Data is being used to support personalization in areas such as digital menu boards, improvement of customer loyalty through engagement or targeted offers, and with other methods of automation or digital initiatives.
  • QSR companies are commonly using transactional data (64%) and master data (59%).
  • While QSRs leverage data for personalization, restaurant executives also understand it will pose new threats and concerns. Security concerns are getting in the way of designing and planning digital transformation—39% say it’s their biggest challenge.

What We Offer: We provide you with the data tools to understand mindset shifts & help you ensure a safer customer experience.

A reliable restaurant operating system should give you the ability to use sales analytics to help you better understand how data can improve your business. Being a crucial part of the world’s first complete cloud-based LINGA restaurant operating system, LINGA Insights App helps you get insights into sales to grow your business. Daily sales report includes total sales, takeaway, dine-in, online ordering, bills, and discounts. You can get insights into customer preferences and inventory trends with daily reports.

With LINGA Loyalty and rewards programs integrated into your POS, you can spot different customer profiles, understand their personal preferences, and reward them for increasing customer loyalty.

With LINGA Feedback, you can collect feedback from real customers in real-time. Data gathering and analytics make it possible to have accurate information about your customers’ needs and expectations. You can learn what your third-party delivery, pickups, drive-thru, and in-store customers are feeling about your service with quick customer survey questions created just in seconds.

Linga’s contactless technology ecosystem allows businesses to support the safety of their community while providing more and better options for their customers to re-engage. While making it easier to offer safe and quick food service for diners, it also reduces the number of people in the restaurant, making social distancing easier to achieve.

COVID-19 is transforming the restaurant industry. Facing significant new challenges, restaurateurs now realize that consumer behavior can change in a moment and look for new technologies to adapt to this new era. Luckily, there are a number of tried-and-tested creative digital tools to increase your restaurant’s profit margins and adapt to the post-pandemic restaurant scene. 

With contactless technologies and more personalized services for your restaurant business, LINGA provides every digital restaurant tool and integrations for you to thrive in 2021. 

Top Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Technology

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