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Four Restaurant Email Strategies that will Improve Your Open Rate and Customer Engagement

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Has email as a marketing medium become obsolete with social media on everyone’s mind? A resounding “no” is the response. Email is one of the most efficient marketing strategies for quick-service restaurants to recruit and retain consumers, particularly with hyper customization. The quick-service industry has improved its game as a result of Email open-time personalisation, and customers love it.

While email is tailored when sent to the consumer, it is updated with the most up-to-date information depending on any transaction that occurs after the email is delivered, or if the offers or availability of the product changes.When a recipient opens an email, the email client sends a real-time request to the customization platform, which then pushes the most recent and relevant material right into the email template using artificial intelligence.

Real-time recommendation

For example, at 7 a.m., a quick-service restaurant sends an email offer for a discount on Peri Peri Chicken to one of its frequent customers, Lily, who had been looking for Crispy Fried Chicken earlier in the day. By 2 p.m., she has opened the email and discovered an offer for Crispy Fried Chicken. This real-time product recommendation may probably get the quick-serve a happy customer who, again, may look out for such deals going ahead.

Real-time inventory

Not only that, but when the customer opens the email, the real-time inventory updates feature makes modifications or updates to the menu. For example, the quick-service brand sends Robert an email at 9 a.m. about a combo offer (Veg Extravaganza and Wedges), but Robert doesn’t open the email until 3 p.m., by which time the offer has changed from Veg Extravaganza to Veg Delight (also Robert’s favourite) and Wedges because the quick-serve has run out of the item. The restaurant and the client both benefit from this real-time inventory update.

Price and offer updates in real time

The real-time price and offer update is a feature that works for a quick-service business while the customer is oblivious of any price changes that may have occurred between the time the restaurant sent the message and the time the customer opened it.

Weather-related suggestions

San Jose’s weather was bright and sunny at 7 a.m. Grill & Chill’s regular customers received an email promotion for their coolers and salads. It started to rain around 9 a.m., and the temperature dropped. Grill & Chill may modify the offers to Soup & Bread for individuals who opened the mail at 10 a.m. using open time personalisation technology.

Quick-service operators can delight their customers with contextually relevant, hyper-personalized engagement in real time by using open time personalization of email content. 

This improves the customer’s experience, take-up of offers, conversion, and lifetime value. According to eConsultancy, 64% of customers expect businesses to reply and connect with them in real time, and this is already occurring. With real-time CDP, AI algorithms activate audiences and segments, which are then pushed to a customization engine for 1:1 engagement via omni channel orchestration tools.

Linga Quick Service POS provides these Email alert notification service to customer from the point of sale system itself.  Talk to an expert and get free demo.

Ref link – 4 Open time personalization strategies restaurant engagement

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