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Elevate Your Business With Membership

Improve your customer relationships and unlock new revenue opportunities with LINGA Membership, a powerful feature that empowers businesses, fosters loyalty, and generates value for both you and your customers.

Restaurant POS Membership Program
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Turn Every Transaction Into an Investment

With charged accounts, you can unlock a powerful new revenue model. Customers can call in to add funds to their memberships at any time, transforming them into vouchers for specific services or purchases across your business.

Provide a convenient and secure way for members to manage their funds. Now, they can pay for services, access amenities, and enjoy special discounts with just a tap or swipe of their membership card.

A Powerful Loyalty Tool at Your Disposal

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Elevate the guest experience while driving recurring revenue and customer engagement.

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Build loyalty with your regulars to foster a sense of community and belonging.

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Unlock new ways to build your bottom line with exclusive tiers and offers that you can customize.

Tailor Membership Tiers for Your Needs

With platinum, silver, and gold tiers, you can customize membership levels to cater to diverse needs and budgets. Offer exclusive perks, rewards, and benefits that incentivize customers to upgrade and maximize their value.

Imagine crafting exclusive perks and rewards that resonate with each segment. By catering to diverse needs and budgets, you cultivate a sense of belonging and value, transforming casual customers into loyal advocates who actively seek to maximize their membership benefits.

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