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Introducing LINGA GO: “Order & Pay-At-The-Table Solution”

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Linga go - order pay at the table
Linga go - order pay at the table

“Order & Pay-At-The-Table Solution” Offers Efficiency, Safety, and Convenience

LINGA rOS® announces LINGA GO, a smart device designed to be used by restaurant staff to take orders at the table, accept tableside payments, or for line-busting. As a complete cloud-based solution for greater restaurant efficiency, LINGA GO allows restaurant staff to work more efficiently, focus on customer engagement, and turn tables faster. This not only improves the guest experience but can help restaurant operators reduce costs and boost revenue.

LINGA rOS®, the world’s first complete cloud-based restaurant operating system, recently announced its new product LINGA GO, a smart device designed for restaurants to improve their staff’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. LINGA GO is a crucial part of LINGA’s contactless ecosystem with Online Ordering, QR Pay, QR code-based menu, and contactless payment modules. Designed to support restaurants and increase revenue by encouraging guests to order & pay from their tables safely, LINGA GO is a unique solution for restaurant operators to keep their business running.

6 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Needs ? LINGA GO Device:

  • Speeds up the ordering process: LINGA GO decreases the order entry times and improves customer satisfaction with no additional labor. Provides faster service and better customer experience.

  • Provides secure processing: LINGA GO allows customers to order & pay safely with ease. Offers all emerging payment types, including EMV, swipe, contactless NFC (Apple Pay, Google Pay, more), and mobile wallets. Protects businesses with end-to-end encryption, data tokenization, and integrated EMV chip sensors.

  • Improves table turn times: LINGA GO helps your staff work more efficiently than before. Managing the ordering and payment process from one user-friendly smart device makes your staff faster and improves service quality.

  • Offers safety, speed, and ease of use: With LINGA GO, your restaurant staff quickly takes orders & accepts contactless payments at the table, so the customers don’t need to physically swipe a card in a machine or hand it to another person, or touch a menu or a receipt. LINGA GO makes the ordering process faster and safer.

  • Increases average tips: LINGA’s pay-at-the-table technology enables guests to add tips from their tables easily. Offering excellent customer service means better tips and more revenue.

  • Helps track customer data and increases loyalty: LINGA GO enhances customer satisfaction by tracking and collecting valuable customer information. Helps to build a customer database, develop customer profiles, and understand menu preferences.

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About LINGA rOS®

Launched early in 2015, LINGA rOS® is a cloud-based restaurant operating system that provides every essential business tool in a single package to run a successful restaurant business. Including a set of integrations such as point of sale, easy online ordering, self-service kiosk, loyalty&reward program, inventory management, KDS, customer display, waitlist, central kitchen&warehouse, caller ID, staff scheduling, and call center, LINGA rOS® is an innovative response to the demand for a one-stop solution for restaurant owners. LINGA restaurant operating system allows businesses to leverage technology to streamline operations, increase revenue, and improve guest experiences.

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