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Main Line:


iOS Special build

Downloads below require manual installation and trust the apps in the iPad before they can be used. Check out our guide for instructions: Before upgrading your system, you must close the day inside the Linga app.

Linga POS 3.0.5(1.0.1)[Developer Logs]

2021-05-18 CDS Version 3.0.2 DOWNLOAD

Linga POS 3.0.6(1.3.1)

2021-05-31 CDS Version 3.0.2 DOWNLOAD

Linga POS 3.0.6(2.5)

Release Notes
2021-07-13 CDS Version 3.0.3 DOWNLOAD

Linga POS Customer Display 3.0.2

2021-03-10 DOWNLOAD

Linga POS Customer Display 3.0.3

2021-06-28 DOWNLOAD

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