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17 Aug: The Rise of AI: Embracing the Future of Technology and Humanity

“Records predict that A.I.  will be smarter than humans as soon as 2029. This is eight years from today, and…

How to Start Your Own Bubble Tea Shop Business

Opening a bubble tea shop is an excellent opportunity for first-time small business owners looking for a profitable venture. With data from Grand View Research projecting a compounded annual growth

Online Ordering Vs. Call-In Orders: Which is Better for Restaurants?

When it comes to restaurant ordering methods, online and call-in orders have continued to gain popularity amongst diners. Whether it is out of convenience or order accuracy, there are many

How Gift Cards can Boost Restaurant Sales

As the winter months draw near, restaurants across the country are gearing up for the biggest time of year for gift card sales. According to a recent study from Patronix,

5 Ways to Improve Restaurant Capabilities With Automation

As labor shortages and rising inflation continue to rock the industry, restauranteurs are turning to technology to alleviate some of their pain points. From employee scheduling to menu ordering and

Restaurant Technology Trends that will Increase Revenue

2022 POS Software Report According to Hospitality Tech’s POS Software Report, 72% of restaurants stated that their IT budget would increase in 2022, making room for new pay-at-the-table technology. When

The Top 3 Ways to Make Your Bar More Profitable

Running and managing a bar is no walk in the park. From products to labor, everything must be critically analyzed to ensure profitability. In this article, we will discuss the

5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, more and more customers want to dine at restaurants that are conscious of their carbon footprint and aim to be more eco-friendly. The thought of going green can be

The Benefits of Implementing QR Code Technology into Your Restaurant

In Hospitality Tech’s 2022 report, restaurateurs were asked, “what are the business drivers impacting your next POS upgrades?” 64% of respondents stated that new payment options, like QR pay, were

Top 5 Must-Have Features for Your Pizza POS Systems

According to Hospitality Tech’s 2022 report, 24% of restaurants plan to change POS system suppliers, with an additional 15% planning to upgrade with their current POS provider. As cloud point
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