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17 Aug: The Rise of AI: Embracing the Future of Technology and Humanity

“Records predict that A.I.  will be smarter than humans as soon as 2029. This is eight years from today, and…

5 Benefits of Owning your Own White Label POS Brand

When most people have a problem, they hire someone to fix it. When entrepreneurs have problems, they tend to want to fix things themselves. In the end, that’s the basic

Comp vs. Void: A Must-Know for Restaurant Staff

It’s a common practice for servers and bartenders to use the terms void and comp interchangeably throughout the night, but what do they really mean? Typically, restaurant workers simply select

What Restaurant Owners Need to Know About Immigration Raids

Having success in the restaurant industry takes an extraordinary amount of determination and hard work. Beyond selling amazing food, balancing new restaurant technology and learning how to navigate a new social

How Linga Won Best Restaurant POS of 2019

Out of thousands of Point-of-Sale systems in the world, where does yours rank? Recently, Business published an article highlighting their 2019 picks for best business and restaurant management systems on the

McDonald’s Announces a Major Investment in Restaurant Technology

Big mergers and acquisitions typically happen between the big names in the industry. Hence, McDonald’s noticed a juicy opportunity to upgrade their drive-thru technology, which drives 70% of their business,

Five Ways to Guarantee 5-star Reviews for Your Restaurant

As many business owners already know, people are more likely to share their bad experiences rather than their good ones. In order to get a good review, businesses are going above and beyond

The 3 Hottest Trends Successful Restaurants Follow

It's no secret that restaurants are a dime a dozen -- or so it often seems that way to the paying public. Combine that with the fact that the restaurant

5 Ways to Use Instagram Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

What do you get when you combine the two saying, “We eat with our eyes,” and, "A picture is with a thousand words?” The answer is the ideal method of promoting your restaurant: Instagram. Restaurants and

Online Ordering Leads to Bigger Tickets and More Repeat Business

If you’re not offering online ordering, you are missing out on one of the biggest trends for restaurants. It attracts new customers, increases repeat business and increases average ticket prices.
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