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17 Aug: The Rise of AI: Embracing the Future of Technology and Humanity

“Records predict that A.I.  will be smarter than humans as soon as 2029. This is eight years from today, and…

On-Campus Restaurants: How To Stand Out

Life on-campus is not easy for students. After all, attending classes, working part-time shifts at the local café and finishing homework can leave students drained and looking for a bite

Restaurant Success Files: The REAL Reasons Restaurants fail…

Restaurant success is elusive, and the restaurant industry is enormous, with over 1 million restaurants and bars across the country. According to recent numbers from the National Restaurant Association, they are

Cloud-based SaaS vs. Legacy POS – Who Wins in 2021?

Are you confused about cloud, subscription-based software, and how it differs from a legacy POS system? The difference boils down to configuration and customization, and the limitations each system has

Three Ways to Market your Restaurant this Summer

Summer is finally here, and new restaurant marketing ideas are in-demand! Are you ready to measure what drives the most business to your door? For restaurants that want to drive

Online Ordering, What Happens if I Don’t Offer It?

People are tired of driving out to get their favorite things. They don’t’ want to walk around in the mall or be forced to get dressed and drive to eat

Eco-Friendly Restaurant: 5 Ways to Join the Green Movement

McDonalds, KFC, Subway, and Starbucks have all started adding more eco-friendly practices to their restaurants. What's your restaurants' Eco-Friendly Score? Having a sustainable restaurant is not only good for the

Food Truck to Restaurant: When is the Right Time to Expand?

It’s a decision every food truck owner must face, especially when business is doing well and calls for you to expand into a restaurant start becoming louder. The leap from

Restaurants: New Technology Attracts Younger Staff & Guests

The best service in restaurants typically comes from the server who has been there the longest, or the chef that was there from the start. It’s no secret that the

Are Kitchen Display Systems a Waste of Money?

The dream of every restaurant owner, chef and manager is to have a successful kitchen, and by successful we mean profitable. After all, serving delicious meals to amazing customers won’t
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