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LINGA x DoorDash Drive

According to recent data from Deloitte, 61% of consumers order delivery at least once a week. The rise of mobile food ordering and delivery is here to stay, is your restaurant ready?

Drivers-On-Demand With DoorDash Drive, restaurants can request a driver at any time, keep track of their outgoing orders, streamline delivery costs, and, most importantly, increase revenue.

DoorDash Drive is perfect for restaurants who
• Need delivery drivers but don’t want to hire someone full time
• Experience rush hours, and only need drivers for peak periods
• Are short-staffed and need a quick solution

DoorDash Drive takes away the time and hassle of mobile delivery, allowing restaurants to focus on what they’re great at. To learn more about LINGA’s integrations with DoorDash, click the link below.

DoorDash Drive