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Linga Financing

We offer flexible financing options so you can upgrade to your dream POS setup.

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We Make Financing Easy

Our low upfront cost options are designed to be affordable with fixed monthly payments.

Bullet Quick Credit Decisions
Fast application and a guaranteed reply within one day.

Bullet Fixed Monthly Payments
Relieves financial pressure businesses can experience.

Bullet Small Upfront Costs
Low or zero upfront cost options available as well.

Benefits of Financing

  • Tax Advantages
    Leasing options that qualify as an operational expense.
  • Easy Payments
    Affordable options to get started without upfront costs.
  • Save Resources
    No large upfront investments required to upgrade.

Keep Existing Credit

  • No Worry Lending
    Leasing has no impact on your current bank and credit lines.
  • Keep Your Money
    Acquire equipment and use your borrowing power elsewhere.
  • Resources Available
    Save for other expenses related to running a busy business.

Latest Technology

  • Newest Hardware
    Upgrading is easy, don’t keep your business in the dark ages.
  • Latest Software
    Have the latest, upgrade your system when you lease with us.
  • Support Services
    Equip yourself with advanced support packages from the start.

Get Started

Submit your application and receive a financing decision within 1 business day. Guaranteed.

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