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  • Cash Discount Program

    Eliminate up to 100% of Of your Credit Card Processing Fees

    Linga rOS® is a pioneering cloud-based POS, optimized to support both Cash Discount and Zero-Fee programs, regardless of payment processor.

    What is a Cash Discount Program?

    A Cash Discount program is a way to offset some or all of your processor fees using a method that is automated by Linga rOS®, and compatible with guidelines form Visa, Mastercard, and processing regulations. By adding a small fee to all sales and providing discounts for those that choose to pay with cash, you can keep more of your sales revenue without raising prices.

    You need to notify all customers of the program via simple signage, and Linga rOS® makes sure the receipt clearly identifies how much of a cash discount each customer receives.

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    cash discount program

    Linga Cash Discount Features & Benefits


    Keep More Revenue

    Lower or Eliminate fees without raising prices. Keep more of your revenue.

    Processor Agnostic

    Processor Agnostic

    Linga rOS® is processor agnostic and can support daily or monthly discounting.

    Seamless experience

    Seamless Experience

    Seamless experience for customers and staff. No change to check out procedures

    Multi-payment Support

    Multi-Payment Support

    Works for all payment types: Credit, debit, cash, gift cards, and more.

    receipt notifications

    Receipt Notifications

    Linga rOS® can automatically add “discount waived” to customers paying with credit.

    How to implement Linga Cash Discount program:

    • Discuss your interest with your processor

    • Establish your pricing based on a reduced cost for cash customers.

      • We even have sign templates you can download.

    • Place signs near your front door letting customers know prices are based on the cash-discount price.

    • A simple setting in Linga rOS® Back Office adjusts the fees associated with non-cash vs cash purchases.

    • At check out, Linga rOS® prints a customer a receipt confirming that non-cash customers have waived their cash discount.

    • Linga rOS® supports a variety of processors, or we can recommend one that supports Cash Discount or Total-Fee Elimination programs, if those are right for your business.

    Sample Cash Receipt

    Sample Cash Receipt

    Sample Credit Card Receipt

    Sample Credit Card Receipt

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