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    Coming Soon: Virtual Kiosk and QR Code-based Menu

    Our newest feature, Virtual Kiosk (VRT Kiosk) is perfect for today’s restaurant business! Your customer can display a back-office generated QR code in any number of configurations, including all or some of the following: Outside the restaurant; In the window and/or; Inside, just as you would a self-service kiosk At the table Their guests can […]

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    Introducing rOS® Module Bundles to the LINGA Partnership Program

    rOS® Module Bundles are now available! We’re excited to introduce our new module bundles to LINGA Partnership Program – built affordably and packed with features. From single locations to global franchises, LINGA has flexible plans for all restaurant sizes! Click here to learn more

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    New Accounting Integrations for Linga POS

    Linga POS expands its accounting software integrations, adding the millions of businesses using Quickbooks, QB for windows, Xero, SageOne, and Exact. Accounting software is an indispensable tool for just about any type and size of business and being able to interconnect the reporting activities of the core functional areas of your business such as point […]

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    ZenPepper Online Ordering Now for White Label Partners

    Visit our updated ZenPepper Module on the Linga App, now optimized for white-label partners.

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